Universal Laws

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The Secret --- The Law of Attraction, is also the Law of Rejection,

one attracts what one is focused on -- Consciously & Unconsciously.


2018 the new Era will be 6yrs. old ---

Lots of new energy has come onto the planet to assist in this evolution of Consciousness, 

How would you like to increase your:-

"Options, Alternatives, & Choices"?


We have found ways to irradicate your:- Fears / Blocks / Barriers

& so called Biological Dis-eases, that have been in your way, that every other

"New Age" school of thought, is looking for and would like to know.


Vaporize your stress & Anxiety with out drugs or long term therapy.



Can you "Re -- move" the walls from within your mind,

Learn to Intergrate all Aspects of self, 2018 will be the year that we Remember we are a Divine Being & allow Abundance 


~A NEW MSYTERY SCHOOL has surfaced to rapidly affect internal change. 

Re-setting & restructuring & restoring the self, in the new energy to what you are, a being of light..

"Uncrossing"  the wires that have been wrongly put together.


Can you re-write the traditions that you've had all your life,

and say I'm finished with that. Put it on the shelf  or push the delete button and start with a new down load.


Can you, (will you) update all of the beliefs in your subconscious mind to support the new you?

Can you develop a whole new "Mind Set" so you can move forward?


Have you lost the KEY or forgot the password to your own Higher Self? 

  To the Garden of Eden ?   

  The Garden of Abundance ? 


  THE GOLDEN KEY is given to you, so you can RE-OPEN your own Treasure.

 Your password is reset and safe.

2018 is a year of celebration of new beginnings & Abundance, can you allow it in?

Are you ready for a life re-view?

Four (4) Classes,
Finally --- Leading Edge Understanding of our Brain
To do with – Conflicts / Dis-eases / Emotional Blocks
To get the full understanding and training required, first of all for your “Self”
& then to help others, if you so choose. The training is  65 + hrs. long, -- divided into 4 different Classes.  


Class #1 : Experiencial Imagery -- beyond meditation -- Alpha / Theta brain wave training,

Working with your silent partner -- the Subconscious mind.

Dates: - TBA --  - Fri. eve. 6:30 to 10:30pm. - Sat. / Sun. 9:00 to 5:30. - (2 & 1/2 days)


 Class #2 -- Aspects  --- the Key of Spiritual Psychology --

 one has many aspects (parts & or programs) operating in our Sub-conscious mind.

 They all serve a function but operate from a past memory.

 By learning to view from a higher none judgement perspective changes everything, therefore changes your Thinking.

 Dates: - TBA -- (9 am to 5 pm)(both days).


  Class #3--

(LFEV) Life Force Energy Virus & the Journey of your Soul --- one extra day added --

 This Virus is in everyone's body, the two lower chakras and affects the thinking mind to not be clear.

 Yet one thinks one is clear, it's a deception created by the virus.

 3-days -- Dates:  April - TBA  -- Friday (7 to 10:30 pm) -- Sat. & Sun.-(9 am to 5 pm) both days.


 Class # 4 – Decoding Diseases in your Biology

Class # 2 (Aspectology - the Key of Spiritual Psychology), is a pre-requisite.

Are you suffering from misunderstood and debilitating chronic disease such as:
Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD),
High Blood pressure, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, cirrhosis, Anemia
– leukemia, Cancers of all kinds, (Colon, Ovarian, Breasts), Arthritis, Eczema’s Scoliosis,
Shingles, Thyroids, Diabetes, Bladder & Prostate, Psoriasis, Multiple Serosa’s’ (MS), ALS, etc…

Are you a practitioner dealing with patients or clients who suffer from seemingly inexplicable and "incurable" ailments?

If so, “the Golden Keys” maybe able to help you, because of – “Dr Hamer's work called “German New Medicine”, & “Biology of Belief”, by Bruce Lipton

& “Core belief Engineering” by Elly Roselle, & others. When one understands the deeper connection between emotional trauma / conflicts and disease,

as mediated by the subconscious mind, resolution is possible.


Help is now available          


Golden Keys, -- offers a completely new understanding of what we commonly call disease and proves scientifically that cancer is not a dis-ease - as previously thought

- a senseless proliferation of deadly and malignant cells but rather part of a meaningful Biological Program of Nature, designed to support and assist the body in dealing with emotional trauma.

With over 60,000 case studies, he (Dr. Hamer) continues to advance his research to this day.

As were working in the DECODING area of one’s biology and DNA, upon “cracking the code”and reaching the core of the dis-ease, which is becoming more & more accepted today

– what is called Dis-ease is than eradicated from the body ----- now one has a clean bill of health.   

Place: - 8916 – 78 Ave. Edm.

Cost: - $300. (Per class)   --- (save $50. If paid 2 weeks prior to class).  (Re-audits 50% off)

To register: E-mail:- thegoldenkeys@shaw.ca or Ph. 780-469-8832 

Dates: -  TBA -- 2017,  (Sat. & Sun.) 9 am to 5 pm.


Where: 8916 – 78 Ave. Edm.

For more information:
Phone: 780-469-8832
Costs are $300.
Save $50. if you register 2 weeks before class dates.