The purpose and Journey of your soul


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Human Design


  Human Design -
   Lionel has discovered that one of the primary steps in self realization

   & self awareness, the "I am" is in knowing ones Design.

  -- Learn to live by your Design?  A Blueprint of your creation.

  -- Your life purpose, is in you DESIGN.

 THE HUMAN DESIGN -- (one's blueprint & DNA) are in the 9 centers.

Below are the 9 centers and each one is associated with different organs of the body.

Some are difined, coloured in, some are left open & in white, for a reason your life lesson(s).

centers  You came to planet earth with a special DESIGN and your purpose is discovered in your design.

  This is what THE GOLDEN KEYS has DISCOVERED, it helps to "Debug" "ones hard drive"

 the internal program / conditioning of reality.

 -- NEVER be in LACK again.

 Then the path you take is paved in GOLD BRICKS.

 The KEYS shared and given, are the ones that turn ordinary bricks into Golden ones.


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Life is a River


Life is a feast, and you are the main guest.  I invite you to taste, to drink deeply

from the nectar that is life.  It's important to not allow it to flow by you and to participate to the utmost.

Other wise you will have missed your souls Intent for life experience here in the physical.

Upon return to the other side of the veil, you will be asked;

Have you played in your PASSION?  Have you played in your JOY?



Complete alignment of the spin, allows the body to walk upright with a bounce. Having a clear mind, and being pain free, this is true health.

This type of health was unknown to Swiss Rene-Claudius Schumperli. Like most of the world, he was born with a dislocated Atlas, the top cervical ( bone ) in your neck. In some individuals this dislocation is not very bad, we call this being in a favorable position, but in others like Rene, and myself, it was in an unfavorable position, causing constant pain. In the course of his suffering, Rene-Claudius Schumperli developed a method to get the Atlas in a stable position. 

By releasing existing tensions with a specific massage of the short neck muscles, Rene discovered this allows the Atlas to slide back into it original position. What he realized was that almost all humans have a dislocated atlas, and where some are not as bad as others, the Atlas is still in a position where it cannot protect itself the way it can when it is in original position.

This is why, many people who for years have never had a problem, should they have a accident or get hit, find themselves with problems they have never had before, and do not understand why. Once the Atlas shifts into a unfavorable position, it effects personally, thinking, and function.

Other types of therapies have tried for years to help release Atlas problems, but non of them hold, as they only move the atlas a little. They do not release the tension so that it can slide into place, because they do not understand the problem, as the Atlas is almost impossible to x-ray in such a way to show the problem.

The significance of the Atlas being in its proper place is of major importance to our health. Not only does it effect alignment by allowing all the vertebra to realign in their proper place all the way down to the tailbone, the rotation that takes place because the atlas is dislocated effects the connection with our inner organs and our emotional patterns. This twist can affect the way you think, and act, as it affects your psyche, muscles, eyes, ears, jaw-bone, nerves, circulation and equilibrium.

However, having the atlas in its natural position, the body can obtain a new dimension of health. I personally experienced this after having my atlas released into its natural position. Along with improved structure, my depression left, my digestion improved, my kidneys worked better, and my memory greatly improved. My dyslexia is less apparent, spelling has improved, and I find my fear of almost every thing diminishing.

Having reached it natural position, the atlas can never wrench (dislocate) again due to anatomic and mechanical reasons. The application has only to be done once and guarantees that the atlas stays in its correct position.

This permanence offers the chance to complete physical, spiritual and mental well-being and the possibility of walking upright in total health for the rest of your life.

By Valerie Konopliff

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