The purpose and Journey of your soul

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The Journey of your Soul -- being reveiled for the first time on planet Earth.

Through out our lives, the thirst for freedom, joy and the same desire for true connection to our spirit has been quite a Journey.


2012-- was the middle of a 36 yr. transition through the Photon Belt, (ending 2030),

 and the big wave of new energy has washed through the entire field of human thoughts,

actions and feelings and will create chaos for many that are,

Dreaming of being awake, but yet Sleeping or unconscious.


Many will feel as if they have lost their footing, that was 2013.

Now 2017 is the year to celebrate, and new beginnings.


The true information of our Journey has now been revealed for the very first time by a true Angels.

1 - At first we were all with Source, called home.

2 - Then we left home to go on a journey.

3 - Then we went through a terrifiying experience that shattered our spirit and we found are selves in the void.

4 - We've been trying to mend our Spirits ever since, to find our True Essence, "because something was missing"!

5 - Then we became aware of something following us (a shadow) and so started the Journey of our Spirit.


About 3 1/2 billion years ago WE aggreed to come to earth as an experiment,

could we solve the problems that was happening in the Universe!

-- we had failed 4 times already and the earth re-made it's self again.

Now this is the 5th. time -- and we made it.

 We hid the Truth from our selves,  but this time now -- we remembered, we all did it.

We are now in one of the biggest shifts ever on planet Earth and it's affected all of the Universe.


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