About Lionel

Lionel is an expert on the inner workings of the subconscious mind. For some 40 years now, he has successfully instructed and councelled thousands of people in their businesses and personal development by showing them how to go beyond self-limiting paremeters to achieve heights and success never thought possible.

In 1968 Lionel started taking intensive SELF & BUSINESS development training and still to this day continuesly persue's advanced education opportunities.

Starting his own company in early 70’s -- because of his expertise & knowledge of cabinet making, had to continually expand & hire more staff to keep up. Due to the fast pace & stress-overloaded with pressure his mind blew the breaker, went into shock, died and left the physical world.

Being in the Spiritual demensional world, with no dense body, with no restrictions, no limits, every thing is now, is undiscribable, the warmth & the LOVE has no words………? Then being in the Spiritual world of no time, after about 45min’s or so of earth time, His Soul was showing him a life review, upon life review.--- Spirit (Source) persuaded Lionel to return (with his agreement) to physical life expression and continue his journey, with a different contract and focus.

In Discovering & experiencing such a Transformation the world has not and will never be the same. Lionel then started showing others how to perceive differently, which then changes their world to always better. Things are not always what they seem.


Lionel began getting visions and divinely inspired information and understandings of the human mind and became & is an expert on the interactions of Conscious/Subconscious/Super conscious mind. There are ways, to see & experience OPTIONS, ALTERNATIVES, CHOICES  and that you are the creator of every thing in your life. In the early 90’s --- A whole new chapter has begun -- called THE GREAT SHIFT.--  Associated with other Great Masters in other parts of the world, LIONEL resides in Edmonton, AB. and does reconnective healing sessions & one’s own Personnal reconnection to the energy grid of the planet & beyond.

Lionel also does personal "one on one" sessions on how to reach into & find that central core where one can see the "original CAUSE" of the problem / block that's holding one back from suceeding.  Then one shifts the core issue, where all things reside and the new reality is brought forward.

Lionel also does three intergational training processes:

  1. Rediscovery and development of the 6th & 7th. sense / gut feeling / Intuition (knowingness from the soul).
  2. Spiritual Psychology (Changing all the barriers/traps/filters) one has on the Physical / Emotional / Mental / Spiritual and to heal all 4 bodies.
  3. It’s an inside job. Uncovering & discovering the light within (the spark).  Absolutely must have prior training for this, very powerful.  This training bypasses all barriers.