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The art of transformation

Lionel Sabourin:-- offers classes in Self Image (SPIRITUAL) Transformation, Restoration, Self Empowerment seminars for businesses and personal self development,

"reconnective healing".  Lionel is a specialized life coach in helping find that central core, where the answers are.

Many years ago after a “DEATH” experience, being on the other side of the veil -- for about 45 mins, was given life reviews, upon life review, by his SPIRIT, from birth to present time.



There I was shown the real truth, how we (as a society & world) were Conditioned and Hypnotized into believing a system (all lies with overlays upon overlays)

which was all interjected into our brains, from outside sources such as parents, teachers, churches, governments, businesses and society.  

Spirit then started showing how things had gone wrong, how ones spirit had been mistreated, abused and grew up deformed and dysfunctional.



A decision was made then (with that overview) to come back to earth in the same body right away and share this knowledge and to do things very different (with a different contract & intent) and to help others transform their lives.

Lionel was then given the KEYS / Knowledge and wisdom on how to come from the heart energy to help re-set,

restructure and transform the self, “the self image” from within, all with pure GOLD energy. 

So “The Golden Keys” personal growth systems was conceived. We teach the art of meditation, experiential imagery and to help uncover ones hidden talents and abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, precognition and the keys that unlock the door to your own treasure of abundance and your own source


"The Golden Keys" is a multi-dimensional source that a person and/or a group can tap into for knowledge, Wisdom sharing and to experience in order to find answers while on the Journey of THE SOUL & Ascension

In my death experience I was given a whole life review and shown why most people are not on their path.

Then spirit down loaded into my Subconscious the understanding process of becoming your authentic self.  I'am a self thought man, a self made man, a simple & gentle man, with a younthful heart. 


RECOMMEND reading:  BOOK 5 -- "The Journey Home" by LeeCarroll  and

"The Biology of belief" by "Bruce Lipton" Ph.D



The Golden Keys is a process of uncovering & remembering

There is a pot of GOLD at the end of the rainbow  You are what you've been looking for, You are pure GOLD only you have forgotten.

THE KEY to finding the treasure within. Every one has a CODE, match the right key, so the door will open to your treasure.

This is what every school wishes to teach, is on how to grasp & understand this process.-- Recommended book "The Biology of Belief" by "Bruce Lipton", Ph.D.

THere is a special KEY that will open the door to your Teasure!

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  Reconnective Healing

We also do reconnective healing and ones own personal reconnection to the GRID, by activating the AXIATONAL line that are carrying LIGHT & INFORMATION on to the planet.

"If you're lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipated. If you're really lucky, your healing will come in a form you've not even dreamed of 

- one which the Universe specifically has in mind for you."

The axiatonal lines affecting the planet ( at this time) is a system that the planet uses to evolve with, it's an inter dimensional system in order to evolve.

Axiatonal lines move through density and activates Light, axiatonal lines is dimensional geometry / sacred geometry and a celestial body.



On mirrors:

The external world is a reflection of your internal mirror.

This is the same as "What's above, is the same as what's below".

Do you want a new body, loose weight with out dieting, a new you?

What about Wealth, Health, Relationships, Well Being, these and more can be yours. 

If you want to change the external world (what's happening to you on the outside)

first you must learn on how to change the internal mirror ( the you inside) then every thing will change. 

(This is what everyone is struggling with).

True change can only come from within, by changing the foundation.

Restructuring old idea's, values that know longer serve you.