Class #3 Aspectology

THE GOLDEN KEYS  -- Personal Growth & Healing Modalities

 A New (Mystery) School -- "ASPECTOLOGY" the KEY of Spiritual Psychology.

Class #3  --- Discovery of "Aspects",

all operating in your Subconscious mind and its many facets.


The minds primary function is survival of the organism (body) for as long as possible,

and its now time to move beyond survival to Self realization.


The conscious mine is the creative part, your subconscious mind is a thought Processor,  filling system.

It runs the every day mundane things, it's a tape player, replays past choices.


We’ll give you the KEY to re-set, re-structure & re-store your SELF IMAGE to a  NEW DESIGN. 

One that is Capable, Happy, Certaint, in Gratitude, Elegant and Empowered.


Every thing in side of you is “DATED” -- (as in every decision you made is dated).

Have you checked lately if it's out dated?  Are you living in the past?

Why keep listening to a voice that has no more value?  Would you be ready to Exchange it?           

What would you truly give, in exchange for what you want? 


Dates: "Aspectology - Change your thinking", It's a new world.

Dates: - TBA.

Times: 9:00am to 5:00pm. (both days).

Costs: -- $300.00 + GST    (save $50. if booked 4 weeks in advance) --- Re-audits 50% off.

On going Classes will be anounced