Spiritual Mission Statement

My Spiritual Mission Statement

The art of transformation

Lionel Sabourin:-- offers classes in Self Image (SPIRITUAL) transformation, Restoration, Self Empowerment seminars for businesses and personal self development, reconnective healings and personal consoling. 

Many years ago after a “DEATH” experience and being unconscious on the other side of the veil, for about 45 mins, was given life reviews upon life review from birth to present time.


There I was shown the real truth how we (as a society & world) were Conditioned and Hypnotized into believing a system (all lies with overlays upon overlays) which was all interjected from outside sources such as parents, teachers, churches, governments, businesses and society.  From there shown how things had gone wrong, how ones spirit had been mistreated, abused and grew up deformed and dysfunctional.


A decision was made then (with that overview) to come back to earth in the same body right away as "A WALKIN" and share this knowledge and to do things very different and to help others transform their lives.

Lionel was then given the KEYS / Knowledge and wisdom on how to come from the heart energy to help re-set, restructure and transform the self, “the self image” from within, all with pure GOLD energy. 


So “The Golden Keys” personal growth systems was conceived. We teach the art of meditation, experiential imagery and to help uncover ones hidden talents and abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, precognition and the keys that unlock the door to your own treasure of abundance and your own source, “YOU ARE GOD ALSO”.

But many are afraid of their own light, so they allow fear to run their lives.  Fear is the opposite of love -- love adds -- fear takes away.