The Human Design

THE  HUMAN  DESIGN  ( your DNA blueprint )  

Are you living your DESIGN coordinated by the soul for this life time?   Many are searching for what is my purpose?   What is my reason for being?


   Most people have been conditioned, (brainwashed) by there parents & society from the day they were born to not being their authentic self. So most people 93% or so at least are living a life designed by others, so they are living the not self.  You have put a mask on, disguised your self. You have hidden the truth from your self!

Many have put their own inner guiding system aside and allowed to be conditioned / brainwashed by others.

So you will get their results and not yours. Your living some one-elses life.


Please call LIONEL @  (780)469-8832  to register.  Pre-registration is a must, for all individuals DESIGN (blueprints) charts need to be done before a session.